What is Digital Radio?

Digital radio broadcasting (DAB+) is a new radio transmission platform which differs from AM and FM radio transmission. DAB+ utilises an audio compression encoding system called AAC+ to transmit data (a digital program stream). A Digital Radio receiver is able to receive and decode the signal so that you can hear it – and also see program and station related information displayed on its small screen.

How do I listen to 3MBS on digital radio?

To listen to 3MBS on digital radio, you need a digital radio receiver. 3MBS will appear on the list of available stations on your digital receiver provided you are within range of our digital radio transmission signal (which covers most of metropolitan Melbourne). Most digital radio receivers also include a built-in FM receiver (but check first with your supplier).

Will I get interference or static on digital radio?

No. Digital radio offers interference-free, digital-quality sound. The digital radio receiver locks on to the strongest signal in your area to provide crystal clear reception.

What are the benefits of digital radio?

The key benefits for listeners are improved sound quality and greater choice of stations due to the increased number of digital services. Digital radio receivers can also provide pause and rewind functions and onscreen information. Screens can convey programming information such as artist and track titles, program schedules and information concerning station events and activities. Tuning is also easier as stations are identified by name rather than frequency.

Is internet radio the same as digital radio?

No. Digital radio is free and broadcast over the airwaves like AM & FM. Internet radio services are streamed via a one-to-one connection from your internet service provider. Depending on your telecommunications network and service plan, they will incur a download cost. 3MBS streams both FM and Digital services so you can listen to either service online if you are outsiside the transmission zone.