The Australian Ballet’s new Robert and Elizabeth Albert Conducting Fellow. Photo courtesy of The Australian Ballet

“A conductor’s role is really to link the music up with the dance, which can only be done by gluing your eyes to the dancers and knowing what the dancers are doing and where they need assistance, watching them to see where the music needs to be exactly when they land on the ground, or leaping or whatever the choreography is.”

– Alexander Rodriguez

After doing a double degree, Brisbane-born Alexander Rodrigues had to choose between astrophysics and music. He is now the Robert and Elizabeth Albert Conducting Fellow at The Australian Ballet.

The Robert and Elizabeth Albert Fellowships support the development of conductors and pianists in the field of classical ballet. In August, 28-year-old Alexander Rodrigues became the fifth young conductor to take up the one-year conducting fellowship and is now based at The Australian Ballet until the middle of next year.

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