Insert Self

Insert Self is a fresh new dance work from L2R Dance exploring cultural heritage, collective experiences and street dance forms. It features seven talented emerging and professional dancers, alongside accomplished choreographers Jayden Wall and David Prakash

This isn’t just dance, it’s a journey to the crossroads of hip hop and contemporary dance.

“Dancing makes me feel free. It inspires me to continue growing in dance so that I can continue telling and elevating my stories; but also, to explore myself and my own heritage to be able to tell that story as well” said dancer Phil Pham.

Insert Self is not just a performance—it’s a movement and a call-to-arms for embracing your individuality and charting your own course.


When: Friday 1st December 2023
7:00pm - 8

Bookings Phone: 0419113633

Venue: Chunky Move, 111 Sturt Street, Southbank, Vic

Ticket Price (AUD): 15