Quin Thomson  – Episode 2
Quin Thomson – Episode 2

October 18th, 2020


Episode #2: Quin Thomson

A musicmaker who truly defies categorisation, Quin Thomson has encompassed many musical identities including singer, contemporary composer, musical director and educator. They are currently based in Hobart, where they direct the Tasmanian Youth Orchestra choir, and lead the baroque chamber ensemble Sequenza Quartet. In 2018, they composed the groundbreaking work addressing colonisation and reconciliation the Tasmanian Requiem, and have had a wildly diverse, exciting, and international musical journey, navigating genres from Early Music and Baroque all the way to the avant-garde. Across both music and life, Quin and Teddy discuss themes including queerness and identity, historically-informed performance, and what it means to bridge both contemporary and early music genres.

Join Quin and Teddy live for the musical sequel to this interview with a full-length feature broadcast on Melbourne in Concert at 6PM Sunday 25 October, only on 3MBS Fine Music Melbourne.

Coming up next on the podcast Teddy Darling is joined from the forests and hills of the Dandenong Ranges, by songwriter and instrumentalist Edward Willoughby, to discuss Edward’s major creative development, their upcoming album ‘Moving Mountains’, as well as explorations of identity and the self through music.

Quin’s music recommendations: The earthquake mass by Antoine Brumel, as well as the composers JS Bach, Guillaume de Marcheaux, and Olivier Messaien.

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This episode was written, hosted, and produced by Teddy Darling, with support from Adrian McEniery, Frank Prain, Stewart McMillan, and other staff members from 3MBS Fine Music Melbourne.

This episode features the following music with the permission of the artists:
‘A Tasmanian Requiem’ – Music by Quin Thomson
Produced by Francis Butler (Gap in the Fence Productions)
Libretto by Dr Greg Lehmann, Francis Butler, and Jim Everett
Performed by: Quin Thomson, Amelia Jones, Lotte Betts-Dean, Tom Buckmaster, Stephen Grant, Madelena Anderson-Ward, and Zoy Frangos
With the Island Brass Quintet (Yoram Levy, Glenn Schultz, Mandy Parsons, David Robins, and Tim Jones).

The Musicmakers theme music is ‘Bahama Rhumba’ from ‘Latin American Dances’ by John Carmichael, performed live on Melbourne in Concert by Justin Kenealy and Coady Green at 3MBS on 28 July 2019 in the Lady Marigold Southey Performance Studio.