Lotte Betts-Dean – Episode 8
Lotte Betts-Dean – Episode 8

January 17th, 2021


Lotte Betts-Dean: Episode 8

Born in Berlin, trained in Melbourne and now living in London, Lotte Betts-Dean is an international Australian mezzo soprano specialising in chamber music, early music and contemporary art song. She is passionate about cross-genre musical programming and in this fascinating conversation unpacks her broad interests in music, diverse collaborations and fascinating upbringing.

Lotte Betts-Dean will be presenting some of her very own performances on Melbourne in Concert on Sunday 17 January at 6PM, only on 3MBS Fine Music Melbourne.

Lotte’s music recommendations:
Nick Drake: ‘Pink Moon,’ ‘Things Behind the Sun’
Errollyn Warren: ‘In Our Lifetime’

Australian Contemporary composers:
Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh
Lisa Illean
Connor D’netto

German/Austrian composers:
Hanns Eisler – ‘The Hollywood Song Book’
Also check out Paul Hindemith, Paul Dessau, Victor Uhlman & Ernst Krenek.

Lotte also mentioned a number of works by Oliver Messaien.
‘Turangalila Symphony’
‘Cinq Rechants’
‘Chants de terre et sciele

Credits: This episode was written, hosted and produced by Teddy Darling with the support from Adrian McEniery, Frank Prain, Stewart McMillan and other staff members from 3MBS Fine Music Melbourne.

The Musicmakers theme music is ‘Baham Rhumba’ from Latin American Dances by John Carmichael, performed live on Melbourne in Concert by Justin Kenealy and Coady Green at 3MBS on 28 July 2019 in the Lady Marigold Southey Performance Studio.