A treble clef holly wreath

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.”

                                                                                           – Ludwig van Beethoven

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3MBS Fine Music Melbourne strives to support Melbourne’s young artists to be the very best musicians they can be. The station does this by providing them with performance opportunities in concert and on-air. This is our gift to you this holiday season – broadcasting the next generation of music-makers.

Your support upholds the station’s mission to provide Melbourne and beyond with the best fine music bringing comfort, companionship and joy to our 379,000 monthly listeners. Your support also influences the many musical events the station produces throughout the year.

2020 marks a very important celebration in musical history – the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven. His music conveys a humanist optimism that lives on, his music still as fresh and relevant today as ever and continues to inspire artists and audiences alike.

That is why 3MBS will mark this important musical anniversary with a new event called Made in Melbourne.

2020 Made in Melbourne will be a Beethoven-inspired recital series aimed at promoting artistic collaboration between Melbourne’s emerging and established musicians in various venues across Melbourne, forging new partnerships between 3MBS and other major arts institutions. This new recital series will attract diverse audiences through innovative and inclusive programming, showcasing Beethoven’s solo and chamber works in theatrical settings that include stagecraft, narrative, costuming, new musical commissions by emerging composers and the chance to learn about who Beethoven really was.

Working with young musicians from Melbourne’s leading musical institutions, performing arts organisations and cultural communities, 3MBS will offer a unique insight into Beethoven whose music transcends cultures and time.

However, we need your help to support this exciting new project so that we can all celebrate Beethoven’s music together.

 Your support will allow the station to produce these theatrical recitals in inner-suburban venues fostering accessibility and creative excellence, to bring live music to young audiences, engage established artists to work alongside young musicians in a mentorship capacity, and reinforce the station’s new profile and direction as Melbourne’s premier fine music broadcaster.

Presenting live music to all ages is part of the station’s mission. In 2020, 3MBS will also embark on a community outreach performance series called Classically Connected. Building on previous successful community live music projects, the station will present a recital series to aged care facilities across inner Melbourne. 3MBS has built a strong partnership with the ARC Centre for Excellence for the History of Emotion at the University of Melbourne and has been accepted as a case study broadcaster exploring the correlation between considered music listening and effects on the well-being of older Australians. We need your support to produce Classically Connected by engaging artists and bringing fine music to our older community members.

Alternatively, this holiday season you may like to contribute toward the station’s operational costs. 2020 will see new initiatives to its broadcasting transmission so that we can present the best fine music with the highest sound quality. This includes clearer signal transmission for open broadcasts and impromptu interviews across Melbourne. It allows our presenters and sound engineers to give you a clear broadcasting sound, no matter from what location so we can capture your favourite piece of fine music or artist at a click of a button.

Whether you wish to support Melbourne’s musicians or fine music broadcasting, your donation will help 3MBS, as a not-for-profit organisation, to be a sustainable part of Melbourne’s arts and cultural sphere for all Melburnians.

Please consider your support over the holiday season – it will make a very real difference.

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