3MBS Melbourne presents the 2024 Marathon: TRANSFIGURED—five virtuosic concerts presented in the intimate Primrose Potter Salon.

Wilma Smith returns as Artistic Director of the 3MBS Marathon, this year using the 150th birthday of Arnold Schoenberg and the transformative experience of listening to his Transfigured Night as the inspiration for this special day-long musical experience.

Primrose Potter Salon
Saturday 24 February 2024

11am, Concert 1: Discover

Marathon 2024 Transfigured opens with charismatic trailblazers, Arcadia Winds. They’ll perform New York-based Valerie Coleman’s passionate Tzigane and Honeybee by Australian composer, Anne Cawrse, which was premiered by the ensemble in December 2023.

A unique string quintet—which includes three members of the Partridge Quartet and has been assembled especially for this event—accompanies Indigenous composer/violist, Aaron Wyatt, who will be soloist in his own Viola Concerto.

Finally, with Ensemble Liaison the concert enters the world of late Brahms, at a time when he discovered the beauty and soulful power of the clarinet.

Valerie Coleman—Tzigane
Anne Cawrse—Honeybee

Arcadia Winds:
Lily Bryant
Rachel Bullen oboe
Clare Fox clarinet
Natalia Edwards horn
Matthew Kneale bassoon

Aaron Wyatt—Viola Concerto

Aaron Wyatt plus String Quintet:
Aaron Wyatt
Anna McMichael violin
Jos Jonker violin
Eunise Cheng viola
Daniel Smith cello
Gareth Hill

Johannes Brahms—Clarinet Trio in A minor, Op.114
Ensemble Liaison:
David Griffiths
Svetlana Bogosavljevic cello
Timothy Young piano

1.30pm, Concert 2: Transfigured

The title concert of the 2024 Marathon begins with an abundance of baroque virtuosity from the extraordinary musicians of Latitude 37 who have crafted a set that pays homage to transfiguration in several different ways.

Then travel forward more than 200 years to Schoenberg’s deep, uplifting masterpiece, Transfigured Night—the pinnacle of late Romanticism performed by a specially assembled string sextet of Australia’s finest, including three members of the Partridge Quartet and led by charismatic violinist, Zoë Black.

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber—Rosary Sonata No.4, The Presentation of the Infant Jesus in the Temple
Anonymous/John Playford—Greensleev

Latitude 37:
Julia Fredersdorff
baroque violin
Laura Vaughan viola da gamba
Donald Nicolson harpsichord and organ

Arnold Schoenberg—Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night), Op.4
Includes reading of Richard Dehmel’s poem, Transfigured Night by Adrian McEniery
Transfigured String Sextet:
Zoë Black
Jos Jonker violin
Christopher Moore viola
Eunise Cheng viola
Molly Kadarauch cello
Daniel Smith cello

3.45pm, Concert 3: Essence

Marathon Concert 3 features repertoire that renders descriptive language wholly inadequate. Fidelio Quartet have declared their affinity for Beethoven in their very name and their performance of the ‘Harp’ quartet will undoubtedly delight. Celebrated pianist Paavali Jumppanen will enthral with Chopin’s Berceuse and his iconic ‘Funeral March’ sonata. Jumppanen calls this sonata “in some way, the most important work in a pianist’s repertoire”. After his spell-binding performance in last year’s Marathon, this is not to be missed.

Ludwig van Beethoven—String Quartet No.10 in E-flat Major, Op.74 Harp
Fidelio Quartet:
Isin Cakmakcioglu violin
Michael Loftus Hills violin
Gabrielle Halloran viola
Rachel Atkinson cello

Frédéric Chopin—Berceuse, Op.57
Frédéric Chopin—Sonata No.2 in B-flat minor, Op.35 Funeral March

Paavali Jumppanen piano

6pm, Concert 4: Universal

Beginning in Australia and then France, travelling to ancient India and landing in England in 1921, the range of music in Concert 4 shows that the power of music is indeed universal. Vibrant and imaginative Collide opens the evening with Robert McIntyre’s Phoenix, written specifically for the trio and reflecting a very personal journey of renewal from this young composer.

Hari Sivanesan Trio will open our ears and minds to the ravishing soundscape of a Classical Indian raga before we come back to our more familiar sound world of the piano trio. Trio Anima Mundi performs Rebecca Clarke’s unfairly neglected Piano Trio; an astonishing work, it traverses sorrow and despair before a bright and hopeful conclusion.

Robert McIntyre—Phoenix
Darius Milhaud—Scaramouche, Op.165c

Yasmin Rowe piano
Joseph Lallo saxophone
Yelian He cello

Dikshitar, Vishvanathena—The Universal Lord, Raga Samantha
Hari Sivanesan Trio:
Hari Sivanesan veena
Bala Sankar Shastry percussion
Thabo Mohanakumar percussion

Rebecca Clarke—Piano Trio
Trio Anima Mundi:
Kenji Fujimura
Rochelle Ughetti violin
Noella Yan cello

8pm, Concert 5: Transcendent

The grand finale of Marathon Transfigured opens with the mastery and consummate musicianship of five extraordinary soloists who have come together to form the Australian Wind Quintet. They will perform Carl Nielsen’s substantial and riveting work, a standout in the repertoire for this combination.

We end this day-long transformative experience with Schubert’s revered Piano Trio in B-flat Major performed by Melbourne favourites, Firebird Trio. Robert Schumann said, ‘One glance at Schubert’s Trio and the troubles of our human existence disappear and all the world is fresh and bright again.’ What better recipe for transcending our daily lives and leaving the concert hall transfigured!

Carl Nielsen—Wind Quintet, Op.43
Australian Wind Quintet:
Joshua Batty
Shefali Pryor oboe
David Griffiths clarinet
Carla Blackwood horn
Andrew Barnes bassoon

Franz Schubert—Piano Trio No.1 in B-flat Major, D.898
Firebird Trio:
Curt Thompson
Josephine Vains cello
Benjamin Martin piano