3MBS ‘Made in Melbourne’

Supporting our Melbourne artists and bringing you more musical experiences

As we transition out of restrictions and look toward a brighter 2022, 3MBS wants to support those who have been most affected by the pandemic. Being an artist demands a constant public-facing presence for them to display their talents. In turn, it offers you, as audience members, a diverse range of events to experience.

In 2022, 3MBS will launch a brand new live major events portfolio, called Made in Melbourne. Aligning with the station’s new five-year strategy, this project will also allow the station to adopt new digital capabilities to support the delivery of these new performance projects to reach new audiences. Made in Melbourne will be the station’s special way to support COVID-compromised established artists and young emerging musicians who rely on performance opportunities to build their artistic careers. This vital project is about getting our Victorian artists, who we have missed, back on stage, offering paid performance and recording opportunities and providing you with creative, inspiring and innovative musical experiences.

3MBS is now eager to transform the way you experience classical music across multiple platforms so that audiences will have the choice to experience these events in-venue and online.

This is why we need your help over the holiday season.

3MBS Made in Melbourne will:

  • Offer employment opportunities for Victorian artists that are supported by new 3MBS events over the next two years.
  • Attract new audiences nationally, reaching regional and remote communities, and those living with a disability.
  • Support our fellow arts organisations with new performance activities to reactivate Melbourne’s arts sector.
  • Enable 3MBS to produce a range of newly curated major events in 2022-2023 that will target specific audiences and explore contemporary themes in classical music.
  • Advocate diversity in live music programming that will compliment current broadcast operations.
  • Allow 3MBS to present an increased number of innovative music-related activities, such as special broadcasts, virtual Q&A sessions, interviews and music wellbeing presentations.

Some of the new major events to be produced in 2022-2023 are:

  • The 3MBS ‘Female Inspirational Arts Leaders’ Series, that will highlight the leadership efforts of female artists, arts managers and directors in mitigating the effects of COVID-19 on Melbourne’s arts sector.
  • The expansion of the ‘Music, She Wrote’ 3-Day Festival, celebrating female composers and emerging musicians and to tell the stories of women in music through time. This festival provides the opportunity for audiences to experience new works by local composers and innovative ways to present music of the past, away from the traditional concert hall.
  • The ‘Classically Kids’ Youth Music Series, a series of interactive live music-narrative sessions during the school holiday periods that will attract audiences 5-12yrs.

As a station supporter over the years, 3MBS kindly asks for your support of our important project by making a tax-deductible donation. We wish for all Melburnians to have access to the best classical music, 24 hours a day. That could be your Christmas gift to another classical music lover across Victoria.

Your donation will support those that need it most, our local artists. Your support will ensure they get back on stage and for 3MBS to keep them on-air and online.