2021 3MBS Broadcast Transmission Project – ensuring the sustainability and strength of the station’s signal for the future

Building 3MBS Fine Music for the Future

As the end of 2020 approaches, we reflect on the hardships we have all faced this year. However, 3MBS has been resolute in our mission to bring fine music to all Melburnians during this difficult time and to continue to do so as we transition out of restrictions. This Christmas, the station hopes to bring comfort and renewed solidarity as we welcome a new year of exciting new projects and music making.

The first of these projects is the upgrades to our broadcast transmission.

As an on-air broadcaster, the reliability of how we transmit digital signals to and from the Mt Dandenong antenna site is vital. This is what provides a strong signal so you can hear fine music in superlative sound.

To continue this service and our dream to bring fine music to all Melburnians, the station will embark on a brand new broadcasting transmission project in 2021 that will ensure the sustainability and strength of the station’s signal for the future.

This project will enable 3MBS to bring you fine music using the strongest and clearest transmission signal possible.

Peter Gibson, 3MBS Broadcast Transmission Engineer

This is why we need your support over the holiday season.

The 3MBS Fine Music for the Future transmission project will involve:

• A site move to a modern facility, operated by Australia’s leading national digital network company, TX Australia. This site will give the station access to a sophisticated antenna that will produce a reliable and better-quality broadcasting signal, which will result in the consistent state-of-the-art sonic clarity of the fine music we broadcast.

• This project will see the station’s transmission equipment upgraded to be competitive with other community and commercial radio stations.

• This transformative project will provide a long-term sustainable solution to the station’s transmission needs for the next eighteen years.

To help us with this project, 3MBS has successfully gained matched funding from Creative Partnerships Australia through its Plus1 program. We are seeking to raise $36,000 this Christmas – and whatever you decide to give, Creative Partnerships Australia will match it, dollar-for-dollar.

Your gift will help to sustain the station’s work for the future. Your support will see Melbourne access the best signal for fine music. Your support will see 3MBS thrive.

More than ever, no one should be without the opportunity to listen to their favourite piece of music this Christmas. We are humbled to keep you company and to bring some relief in what has been a defining moment in our lives.