The ORA Advent Calendar

Every morning from Friday the 1st of December until Sunday the 24th of December at around 8.45am, 3MBS will be broadcasting carols from English vocal ensemble ORA’s Advent Calendar.

Each carol is a new take on an old favourite, or a completely new commission for the Advent Calendar.

ORA gathers together some of the UK’s leading ensemble singers, all of whom have performed with leading professional choirs in Europe, have appeared in thousands of concerts across the globe and have been instrumental in winning numerous recording industry awards.

Bridging the gap of time between the first Golden Age of Choral Music during the Renaissance and the present day, ORA aims to promote the beautiful choral works of our time which conductor Suzi Digby considers to be the Second Golden Age of Choral Music.

You can access the Advent Calendar or get more information about ORA here


You can also hear from ORA’s conductor, Suzi Digby, who was interviewed by 3MBS’s London correspondent, Sascha Kelly.